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Welcome to STLFLIX 3D Printing Universe
Welcome to STLFLIX 3D Printing Universe

From customizable models and collectibles to unique miniatures and home decor pieces an all-in-one STL platform!

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The 1st multi-theme STL platform

Our library has original/unique models created by our own Design Team and models from some of our Partners (i.e.: Cripta Studios, Midas Forge). It is full of multi-themed STL's, the categories vary and you will find Articulated Models, Home Decor, Collectibles, Customizables Models and much more!

Articulated Models

Articulated 3D Printing models are pieces of engineering indeed. Here at STLFLIX, you can find a whole bunch of them!


Some people collect stamps, others collect rocks. Here at STLFLIX, we provide collectible series of 3D models following YOUR suggestions.

Customizable Models

Yep! You read that right. Our platform allows you to edit some of the STLs as you like. Let your creativity lead the way, and have fun!

Home Decor

Who says your decoration has to be dull and boring? Make your home look awesome with 3D printings from our ever-expanding STL library.


Dungeons & Dragons, Chess Sets, Zombies, and many more to come! As fantasy freaks, the possibilities are limitless. Are you joining the 3D Printing Revolution?

Technic Prints

If you enjoy putting pieces together like a puzzle and having utility for your 3D printings, you will LOVE the Technic Print STLs section.

Exclusive platform

STLFLIX, “the Netflix of 3D printing” is here to stay. Keep all your STL files organized in

one place and get detailed instructions to each model.

Weekly STL Drops!

We are an ever-growing library, and our team is constantly working on creating new unique models. Weekly drops (10-20 models) every Friday and Extra drops (10-20) on random dates. It may result in more than 40 models monthly.

Be the first to print our fresh STLs and show them off on the community official channel.

A Community of 3D Printing Enthusiasts

In STLFLIX you are never alone, since we are much more than a monthly subscription, we are also an entire community: where you can interact, recommend new models, see what our subscribers are talking about and what they are printing too.

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