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At STLFLIX, we are continuously committed to improving our services to meet your ever-evolving business needs. We invite you to be among the first to try out this exciting new BETA feature, designed to simplify and elevate your business experience.

With the BETA Catalog, you can:

  • Create and organize catalogs with the models you will offer for sale.

  • Include prices for each of the models.

  • Share the catalogs with your customers.

Step 1: Open beta Catalog

To access the BETA Catalog, simply click on the button below or visit

Step 2: Create your catalog

When you want to create a catalog, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the favorite icon next to the models you wish to include in your catalog.

  • After clicking, you'll see the options for "Collections" and "Catalogs."

  • Choose the "Catalog" option.

  • You can create a new folder if needed, or include the selected models in a pre-existing folder.

Step 3: Manage the Catalog

To see, share, or manage your catalog folder, click on your user area and navigate to the "Seller's Catalog" option.

Step 4: Share your Catalog

Now you can click on the "Share Catalog" button to share your public catalog with your clients.

Step 5: Edit Information + Your Logo

You can edit your store information and logo in the user area by clicking on "Edit Store."

Our support team is available to assist should you have any questions or need assistance.

Make the most of this new BETA feature and boost your business with the BETA Catalog. We are excited to see how it can improve your experience.

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